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Dirty Dog

Springtime and little dogs that like to run don’t always go together…especially when your backyard is a small lake. Little Miss Brinley loves to run and she especially loves to chase the bunny rabbits that have taken up residence under the deck of our shed! On a daily basis, we are yelling at her to not go under the deck; however, she is a strong willed little pup and will do what she wants once she knows the rabbit is there. Needless to say, when she emerges from under the shed, her legs, feet and belly are often covered in mud. So, even though she doesn’t really enjoy it, she has come to tolerate the necessity of having baths.

Notice the mud under her chest?




Once she is clean…she’s adorable…and she knows it! That little face gets me every time…love her to bits!




The girl loves her little sticks!


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