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One crazy summer


I do not know where this summer went! I can’t believe we are into September already and that we are heading into cool nights and crisp frosty air. Although I love all the beauty of fall, I am not ready to give up days by the lake and the warm sun on my face.

This summer allowed us lots of time up North by Georgian Bay in our little home away from home…5 glorious weeks to be exact! Last summer was a very busy one with deck building and getting our place just right. I was happy that this year was a little less busy. We still had some work to do constructing a storage shed which was a little challenging at times, but it was far less work than building a big deck. We had much more time to just relax, entertain and simply enjoy our little slice of heaven.

After such a busy summer last year, I was determined that this year we were going to spend more time enjoying our surroundings and I was hell bent we were going to get out on the water! There was much debate about whether we buy a canoe or 2 kayaks. We went back and forth many times but finally settled on 2 kayaks…and I love them!


A few times I took my kayak and camera and went for a solo paddle down the river. I love the river. There are a few cottages but for the most part it is nothing but nature and peace & quiet. There are many little pockets filled with all kinds of wildlife…Great Blue Herons, Osprey, Turkey Vultures, turtles, frogs, etc.




We were lucky to have welcomed more family up this year and enjoyed introducing them to all our lake has to offer. We rented a boat for a couple weekends so that we could explore more of the big lake and do a little fishing…caught a few fish, but with the hot weather and very little rain, the fish headed deeper in the lake and were trickier to catch…but it doesn’t mean we didn’t try!




One of the biggest stories this summer was the wildfire named Parry Sound 33. It was burning 75kms North of us and caused many evacuations and even the closure of Grundy Provincial Park. On more than one occasion we were able to not only smell the smoke, but we could see it. For much of the summer, we were under an extreme fire rating and in no way were we allowed to burn anything. It was only this past weekend that the fire ban was lifted. Although it was a great summer, we really missed sitting by the campfire at night. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will be able to make up for it a bit when we are up this fall.

Just over a week ago, my sister was finally able to make it up with her partner and they loved it. They brought along their kayaks and we spent many hours exploring the lake and the river. It seemed like a quick weekend and I am already looking forward to having them come up again.


Although I have been kayaking before in the past, since purchasing our new kayaks, I have rediscovered just how much I enjoy it. It is my new love and I can’t get enough of it! There is something about travelling on the water surrounded by nothing but nature and wildlife…listening to the sounds of birds and frogs and the rhythmic splash of the paddle hitting the water. So serene and peaceful!


On our second last day of vacation, I once again headed out on a solo paddle. On my way back home, I came around a point and found myself side by side with a majestic Great Blue Heron. I have always been in awe of these giants and their beautiful blue grey plumage. I was afraid to make a move afraid I would scare him off…but the photographer part of me thought I would be crazy not to try and get a few good shots of this beauty. He turned his head to look at me when I reached down for my camera but very quickly returned to his fishing and really didn’t seem to care that I was even there. This provided me with a great opportunity to snap away.




As with every year, mother nature did not disappoint. Our deer were back and one doe even had a couple babies with her (sadly, I was not able to get a good photo). The ever comical tiny hummingbirds returned with a vengeance…most days our feeder was like Grand Central Station with them whizzing by our heads to get their fill.

And with the season nearing a close, we look forward to returning next season, like we do every year, to discover even more about the magical little place we call home.













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