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Brinley Bean

Life over the past few weeks has been challenging to say the least. House training a new puppy in frigid winter temperatures has not, and still is not, easy. It is getting better day by day but she still has a couple accidents in the house each day…baby steps, I know we will get there.


Brinley is almost 15 weeks old and she has been a lot of fun. She is FULL of energy! Some days I wish I had a quarter of her energy. It really seems like there is no end to her energy right now because of the deep freeze we are in right now…with her only being around 4lbs with little meat on her tiny bones, we don’t feel comfortable taking her for a walk. So for now, until next week when the temperatures begin to warm up, she is limited to running around the backyard. She loves it though…she has lots of tiny little paths made all over the backyard that she runs several times a day. After about 5 minutes outside, she runs back in to lay by the fire and warm up.


We remain very lucky in that she continues to sleep through the night…right from day 1! She still cries when she is put in her crate but it only lasts a minute or two.

We broke down and bought a baby gate to keep her in the basement when we are down there watching tv at night…to say she loves to explore would be an understatement! Funny thing is…when we put the gate up…she figured out that there is one spot where she can walk right through it. She only did that once or twice and for the most part, the gate is working. This tiny little girl is too smart!


She continues to bug her big brother relentlessly but we really try to give him some breaks every once in a while. I have to say, he has been so good with her and at times even engages in a little playtime when he has the energy. We really couldn’t ask for more.


What once were Seamus’ toys have now all been claimed by little Miss Brinley and for the most part he doesn’t seem to care…he will take them from her when he wants them. They often play tug-o-war with the toys and she takes the balls away from him every chance she gets.  With all that being said…they have become fast friends and are usually always together.



We have had Brinley home now since December 1st and some days it’s hard to see how much she has grown. When we look back at the photos I took when she first joined our family, we can definitely see that she is bigger and taller. At the vet’s just before Christmas, she weighed in at a whopping 3.6lbs…it will be interesting to see how much she weighs when we return in a week and a half. We both think that she will be on the smaller side for her breed but only time will tell.


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