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Life with Brinley Bean

Well, it’s been 4 weeks since we brought our little Brinley home and let me tell you, she is one spunky little fireball! She has learned how to sit and most days has it mastered. Some days she needs a tiny reminder. Now we are working on stay and wait…especially around her food bowl. She is so food driven that she is like a bloody barracuda when her food bowl hits the floor! So we are trying really hard to sit and wait before she is allowed to  attack her food.

That face!

Housebreaking is still a daily challenge. Some days she is really good and only has a couple accidents in the house, but these past 2 days it has been so cold outside that when she does go outside, she starts lifting her tiny paws almost immediately when they hit the frozen snow. You can tell she wants to go outside and play in the snow, but the bitter cold brings her back to the door instantly.


With it being the holiday season, we were worried about how she would do with a houseful of people, but she did so well. She was very cautious at first…but quickly warmed up to everyone and ended up being the star of the day.  And shockingly, she only had 3 little accidents in the house the entire day! She also never really bothered with the Christmas tree, ornaments or gifts…I was very surprised.

Brinley continues to get along great with her big brother. Seamus is so good with her. She continuously runs circles around him, plays tug-o-war with his tail, and has now learned how to use him as a step to get herself up onto the sofa. Although Seamus is old and likes to sleep a lot now, he still has his moments when he wants to play.

A brief moment when she wasn’t trying to attack her brother!
How do you spell mischief? B-R-I-N-L-E-Y!!!

Although I love when Brinley is playful and bounding with energy…I absolutely love the times when she is ready for a little nap and curls up next to me…or more often, on me…and falls fast asleep.

Over the next few weeks, we are determined to master the housebreaking! Come hell or high water, we are stronger than little Miss Brinley and we will win this battle!

We will also start working on other necessary commands…stay, down and come…for starters. She had “sit” mastered in about 5 minutes flat…so hopefully the next will come just as easily. So stay tuned for more adventures with Brinley Bean!!!


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