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An old soul & a fiery redhead

Surprise! We have a new member in our family and she is sweet, cuddly, sassy and feisty…oh boy, is she feisty! Everyone meet BRINLEY!


She is a now 12 week old Cockapoo. We brought her home when she was just 9 weeks old and she is so sweet. I know so many of you who know us are saying, “you said…no more dogs”, but now that our Seamus is almost 13 years old, the thought of one day coming home to an empty house was not that appealing to us. So, we found a breeder online and brought our Brinley home. She will remain small (approx. 15-20lbs full grown) and will be easy to travel with. And the best part…she’s non-shedding! Don’t get me wrong, I love my Goldens, but oh my God the hair!

We were a little worried about how Seamus would take to the new puppy but he has been beyond amazing. We really couldn’t have hoped for better. He has a little less hair on his tail from Brinley taking hold of it while they play and he loves playing with her…she absolutely runs circles around him, but he will put her in her place when he feels it’s necessary.

12 year old Seamus and 9 weeks old Brinley

These past couple weeks have definitely had their challenges…learning how to feed her a balanced diet (we are trying something new and feeding her a raw food diet)…both Brinley & Seamus have had bouts of diarrhea and we thought that she had passed a parasite onto him (thankfully this was not the case)…and then there is housebreaking. Oh my God is Brinley strong willed! She will go outside and do her business like we are training her to do…but then she will come in, stare you down…and squat to pee! There is a reason why God made puppies cute! I have to say though, we got so lucky with her actually sleeping through the night right from day 1 and she has done so every night since!


All of the challenges aside…Brinley is a great addition to our little family and we couldn’t love her any more than we already do. Each day is a new and exciting adventure!





Brinley loves her stuffed bunny

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