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A Wet Muskoka Summer

Beautiful Honey Harbour at Port Severn

It is so hard to believe that we are nearing the end of August and will be very quickly thrust into the reality of cold nights and changing  fall leaves. There is already a chill to the night air up in cottage country; however, the days are still warm when the sun decides to shine. With all the rain we were subject to this summer, it was hard to get out and do all the things we wanted to do during the time we had off. I did take every opportunity to get out and do some photography on the days that were dry.


We so enjoyed the afternoon that we spent at Killbear Provincial Park. During my childhood, I used to camp there with my family and remember it fondly. It has been years since I had been back to the park. Killbear is only about a 25 minute drive away and made for a really nice and relaxing afternoon. You can’t beat the $14 entrance fee per vehicle…regardless of the amount of people. We will definitely be doing this again in the years to come.

Killbear Provincial Park…Lighthouse Point
Killbear Provincial Park

The amount of wildlife we are able to see is nothing short of incredible. We have seen everything from deer, bear, snakes, hawks and numerous types of birds. We put out a hummingbird feeder this summer and the amount of tiny hummingbirds we see on a daily basis is amazing. It’s like an airport runway most of the day and lends itself to much enjoyment on our part.


Many times we have looked out our living room window to find deer grazing in the tall grass.





Wildlife aside, I am always mesmerized and in awe of the stunning Muskoka sunsets. We are lucky enough to have a western exposure and are treated to some absolutely outstanding displays of yellow, orange and pink skies as the sun sets each night. They are hypnotic and so relaxing to watch.





Although I am sad for summer to end, I am excited for fall. There is nothing like autumn in Ontario’s cottage country. We so enjoy sitting by the campfire in the crisp northern air surrounded by the spectacular display of red, yellow and orange put on by the vast amount of trees that are all around us.




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