Everyday Life

Our Sweet Sophie Girl

SOPHIE  November 15, 2003 – June 28, 2017

After 13 1/2 amazing years and with completely broken hearts, we said goodbye to our sweet Sophie girl yesterday afternoon. After a very stressful couple of weeks, we took her to the vet one last time where she cleaned out the cat’s food bowl, had a handful of treats and then quietly, peacefully passed away at 5:30pm.


Everywhere we took her, people always commented on her deep red colour and her beautiful amber eyes. Those amazing, unique golden eyes grabbed us right from the start and was a big reason why we chose her as a puppy. Sophie had the most beautiful, smart and gentlest soul…she definitely had a stubborn streak and a mind of her own…but when it came down to her core, she was sweet, loving and loyal. Her favourite things in life were playing in the snow and swimming in the lake. Each winter, her eyes would light up at the first snowfall and she would spend long periods of time rolling and laying in the snow.

We, along with her brother Seamus, will miss her immensely and when we are ready, she will be buried beneath Gramma’s tree in the backyard.

We would like to thank Chris, Janessa and Julie at Doon Animal Hospital for the compassion, care and support you have given to not only Sophie and Seamus, but to us as well, over the years and we know you will continue to do so throughout the remainder of Seamus’ life. We have been through so much with you all and we appreciate it so very much. Thank you!


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