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Life at the lake

We have been up to the lake several times since we have opened up for the season and I am amazed at all the wildlife we have seen on our property. Just this past week, while we were sitting watching a movie with some friends, I looked out the back window and found 3 deer right behind our trailer…and of course, I didn’t have my camera near by. Lesson learned! I love sitting on the sofa looking out the window in the morning while I eat breakfast watching the numerous tiny hummingbirds sitting on the hydro lines that run behind our place…our hummingbird feeder will go up this coming weekend. I also was lucky enough to see a tiny blue bird in some dead tree branches just behind our trailer…I was on the phone at the time and once again missed getting some photos.

These were some of the photos that I did manage to get amidst building a deck and caring for an ailing elderly dog. They make me so hopeful for what we will see when we are there for our holidays in a couple weeks.









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