Everyday Life

Breathe in…breathe out

Enlight10.jpgWhat a long winter. We have been waiting so patiently for the day when we could return to our happy place…our little slice of heaven in beautiful Muskoka.

There is nothing like breathing the clean fresh air of the country…although I’m sure I swallowed more than a few pesky black flies while doing so. The black flies and mosquitoes were out in full force. I didn’t dare step outside without my ever fashionable mosquito net jacket…that thing was a God send! Every morning we woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and those annoying little blood sucking mosquitoes buzzing around our heads. However, they did not distract us from being happy about being there and enjoying our days.

Our little home away from home did shift slightly over the winter but with the help of Henry, our parks owner, it was an easy fix.

Once again, we donned our attractive mosquito jackets and took the dogs for a walk down to the water…it was so beautiful and peaceful…well, except for the incessant buzzing.



Although we are heading home today, we will be back again in only a few short days to transform our little oasis even more with the addition of a large deck, a screened in gazebo and a fire pit. Perfect for spending lazy summer days at the lake.

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