Everyday Life

Spring has sprung


Winter, spring, summer & fall…of all the seasons, spring has got to be my favourite! Not the spring where the piles of dirty brown leftover snow line the streets…or where everything is muddy & messy, but the spring where the grass gets greener, the trees start to bud and spring flowers start to push through the recently thawed ground. I love when everything is new and fresh with the smell of newly cut grass or fragrant lilacs and lily of the valley. It’s infectious.

It’s nice to see friends and neighbours coming out of the hibernation of winter and catching up with each other on porches around the neighbourhood. Folks are starting to clean up their yards of dead leaves and twigs left behind from winter and delivery trucks are busy delivering large bags of dirt, mulch and other building materials for all those projects that need to be done every year.

With the warming of the sun, it will soon be time for backyard BBQ’s and catching up with friends at a local patio over drinks and a bite to eat. I love the impromptu “let’s go get a drink” after a long shift at work that sometimes lasts until the wee hours of the morning.

For us, this year will be all about our new little home away from home. This will be our first official season at the lake and we can’t be more excited. We have already started to collect various things that we will need up there and we are quickly running out of room in our spare room to store everything until we can take it up North. Once we are able to get up there, it will be all about building a deck and possibly a storage shed. We can’t wait for relaxing on the deck, campfires and meeting new friends. I look forward to exploring our new surroundings and I have been told that our area, and Muskoka in general, is a photographer’s dream! I am excited about getting out on the lake (and down the river) and discovering all the wildlife that is abundant in the area…so stay tuned…I sense many photographs will be posted in the near future.














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