It’s always hard to say goodbye


If you’re lucky, every once in a while you come across that one special person who just gets you…they understand where you’ve been, where you are now and your dreams for the future. Who knew that 11 years ago when I walked through the doors of the NICU, I would meet such a person. She was the first face I saw and the first one to welcome me into the very tight-knit NICU family. She has been an unbelievable support to me over the years, and although only slightly older than myself, she has been like my “work mom”. Not a day went by where we didn’t talk about each others lives and the ones we hold dearest to our hearts. When I lost my grandmother, almost 4 years ago, she was right there with open arms offering her support. Whenever I would walk into the unit and see her, I knew that regardless of how busy it was, it was going to be a good day. Now that she has retired, there is a huge hole in the NICU that no one will be able to fill. She is by far one of the most loyal, genuine, selfless, kindhearted souls I know and I am so beyond lucky to call her my dear friend.

So, Barb, as you set out on your new adventure…I wish you much peace, love & happiness. Enjoy the time spent with your husband, kids, mom and your sweet new granddaughter, Olivia. You have worked hard for so many years…this is your time…you deserve it. You are a special kind of special to everyone who knows you. We will get together soon, I promise. I love you and will miss you more than you know. All the best.



4 thoughts on “It’s always hard to say goodbye”

  1. Jennifer,
    Thank you so much for writing this amazing blog about my mom. As her daughter, I have been blessed to know from “day one” that my mom is truly one of a kind. It is overwhelming to see that so many people have had the opportunity to see the same warmth, compassion and generosity that my mom gives so freely. You are a special soul for being able to recognize all that my mom is! I have always seen how giving my mom is and until her retirement I did not realize how hard it is for her to accept that same kindness in return. I think that her retirement and the outpouring of love has really given her a chance to take the kindness that she so deserves. Thank you.


    1. Awww Jen…you are so sweet! I hear all the time that my ability to write and photograph is a gift, but honestly when I write about someone like your mom the words come so easily. When I think of each of my friends, your mom is without a doubt one of the very few that I hold in the highest regard. She is a true gem. And although you and I only met for such a brief moment the other night, I feel like I already know you and your brother so well…we would talk about you both often…the pride on her face when she talks about you both (and now sweet little Olivia as well) is simply beautiful. I know that she is humble and modest about all the attention she has received this week, but you know as well as I do that she is so deserving of it all…and so much more. Thank you again for your kind words and I certainly hope that our paths cross again in the future and we get the opportunity to talk more than just exchanging hello and a hand shake.


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