Everyday Life

All this for pearly whites…


It seems lately that other than work, my new “home away from home” has been various forms of dental chairs…the dentist…hygienist…orthodontist…and possibly soon to include a periodontist. Not so long ago, because of past experiences, I was deathly terrified of the dentist …now, sitting in a dental chair is just part of every day life. I have been through replacing all my dark fillings to white composite ones, oral surgery and am now staring down the barrel of very expensive orthodontics. All of this for a pearly white smile.

I knew orthodontic treatments were expensive, but holy hell…I almost choked when I was handed the estimate! I pretty much need to take out a mortgage on my teeth! I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end. For now, I will just have to scale back my spending on things I want and focus on that which I need. I honestly don’t know how parents do this with multiple children. It’s no wonder why both parents need full time jobs.

I was lucky enough to be referred to a doctor who has a large population of adult patients. He spent lots of time explaining everything and because we are both “medical” people, we got along great. Next week the ball will start rolling with photos, more xrays and more impressions.

So, there you go…I am once again moving from one dental chair to another. Here I go…on to the next chapter!

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