Everyday Life

Christmas spirit

Anyone who knows me knows that I have 2 very special little boys who call me “Auntie Jenn”. Their parents are my best friends…actually, their mom couldn’t be any more my sister if we were related by blood. The boys are very different but they each melt my heart in their own special way. Each year, I look forward to their annual Christmas concerts at school, but because of shift work, I am not always able to go. This year; however, I was able to go to both! They were so good…both boys did an amazing job and looked like they were having a lot of fun.

First up was Jake’s and all the students from grade 1 to grade 6. There was such a mix of talent…choirs, skits, raps and dances. They were all so good and it was great to see so many families there to support the kids…the gym was full! It was also nice to see Jake smile more this year…last time he hardly smiled at all. When his mom told him that she noticed him smiling more this time, he responded by saying, “they made us’!

This is Jake’s class…he’s in the back row wearing the green & yellow t-shirt.

Day 2 was the kindergarten’s turn. Big kudos to all the teachers for organizing and focusing the kids who just wanted to look for their families and wave non stop. They were all beyond adorable. For the most part, they all remembered the words to their songs and did a fantastic job. We were lucky enough to enjoy 2 songs by Nate’s class. He is in the back row wearing the shirt and tie. He told me the night before that he was going to wear his best clothes for the concert…the boy loves to dress up.

My heart is so full of pride for both Jake and Nate…they both enrich my life more than I can express!


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