Work Life

World Prematurity Day…


Every day I have the incredible opportunity to witness the miracle of life as babies make their entrance into the world. Many of the babies I have the pleasure of caring for are born prematurely…some only a couple weeks early and others born so early that they almost fit in the palm of your hand. Each come with their own set of potential complications…under developed lungs, visual problems, neuromuscular deficits and feeding intolerance to name just a few. Not only do we, as neonatal nurses, care for the medical needs of these newborns, but a large part of what we do is caring for the family unit as a whole. We comfort new parents when they are scared and overwhelmed. We cry with them and are a shoulder to lean on when their tiny child’s condition worsens. We are happy and rejoice with them when they finally get to take their child home. I can’t believe I get to experience all of this day in and day out as my job…what an amazing privilege.



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