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So…this happened…

Our last trip in our little 17ft travel trailer was interesting to say the least and I very quickly found out just how uncomfortable it really was when you get “trailer bound” for days. So, this prompted us to have a conversation about our future with said trailer. What we have always wanted was a cottage. But my idea of a cottage is one that is lakeside where I can see the lake from my living room window…not one where I have to be a few streets back from the lake and then have to take a walk to see the water. However, these waterfront cottages come at a hefty price and I don’t have a secret $500,000+ stash lying around. So…what is our next best option??? I think we found it!!! I swear to God, people must just see us coming and get all excited because whenever we make a decision, we know exactly what we want and we act fast. Out we went looking for our something better…we found it and bought it in less than a week.


This is our new home away from home! It’s a 38ft that comes with 3 slide-outs, full kitchen with an island, full living room (complete with sofa bed, 2 recliners, large screen tv and a fireplace), full 3-piece washroom and a private bedroom with a queen bed, dresser and large closet. Next spring we will build on a deck as well. Plenty of room for us and the dogs.

We found a great little park just outside of Parry Sound that only has 40 sites and is on the shores of a beautiful big lake. We have gone up a couple times to set it up…and then close it up for the season…and we have already met some really nice people who we plan on getting to know better next season. Someone is now on the hunt for a boat…I, on the other hand, am a little more realistic and am thinking 2 kayaks! We shall see what happens…


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