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A week at Awenda Provincial Park…


We have just returned from 6 days at Awenda Provincial Park up by Penetanguishene, ON. This was the maiden voyage trip with our new little travel trailer. Thank goodness we decided to do this short trip before our big 2 week trip to New Brunswick. Our trip was not without issues…everything from a leaking water holding tank leaking a large amount of water into the trailer upon our arrival…to loose vent seals…to loose trim in the washroom. Some of these we could fix ourselves and some we could not, so our trailer is headed back to the dealership first thing Monday morning. We are so glad that we were not on our big trip out of province when all of this happened.

With all of that said, we absolutely enjoyed our time at Awenda…it is such a beautiful park. It certainly is God’s country! There was no shortage of things to do while we were there. The only real complaint I have is that the beaches were far from our campsite and a drive in the car was necessary to get there. However, they did have 4 very clean beaches to choose from…one was even a pet beach! The sunsets were nothing short of stunning!

The grounds around our site were like a raceway for the hundreds of little chipmunks that spent the week tormenting our 2 Golden Retrievers…but I must say, we had Sophie and Seamus off leash while we were at our campsite and they were amazing…they came when called and didn’t run off once.

Every part of the park was beyond clean and the staff were amazing. Although this was just a short trip, we will definitely go back in the future…would love to go in the fall as our site was surrounded by large maple, birch and oak trees…the fall colours will be spectacular I’m sure.


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