What an amazing show last night…one that I almost didn’t get to see. For whatever reason, I thought that I had purchased tickets to the first show in Toronto…not the second. So much so that I even traded a shift away for the first show in order to go. It wasn’t until we were practically walking out the door when we realized that the tickets were for the next night…and low and behold I was working night shift! So the hunt was on to try to find someone to switch shifts again and work my night…with ridiculously short notice. Everyone I asked was unable to do it…until one lone person said “YES” and would switch the entire shift. Thank the Lord for small miracles!!! In all the years that I have been going to concerts, I have never made a mistake like that…and I can tell you with great certainty…I never will again either.

The Dixie Chicks are back!!!! They have only gotten better in the time they took off. I have seen them 2 other times in the past and this show was by far their best. They have been known in the past for making political agendas and rightly so,  and there was definitely some of that, but not to the extent as some of their earlier shows. Some of their greatest songs came about because of their political conflict. I truly respect them for standing up for what they believe is right.

The show was loaded with all their hits and it was amazing to listen to the audience sing along with each and every one. It was great to see their kids join them on stage during their encore…fostering the next generation. It was an incredible night and I certainly hope we get to see them again in the not too distant future!


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