I get by with a little help from my friends…


What does friendship mean to you? What does it look like…do you have 1 best friend or lots of friends? Do all of your friends share the same interests as you or are they diverse?

For me, I have a small group of friends who I consider family…who would be there for me in an instant any time I needed them (as I would do for them).  I know and love their families as intimately as I do my own. Their children, I consider my nieces and nephews and love them as if they were mine. I have friends who share my lifestyle and we talk about relevant issues and learn from each other. I have friends that I share a certain interest with…internet friends…neighbours, etc. And then I have friends that I just hang out with…many of them I share the same profession with. We like to talk, eat, listen to music…just enjoy each other’s company. One common denominator of all of my friends…I love and cherish them all immensely. I honestly don’t know where I would be without them…so any time we can get together is a good day in my books!

And speaking of getting together….

With all the stressful changes that have been happening at work lately, last night was a great night to blow off stress and kick off the start of the summer season. A few weeks ago, a friend at work shook my hand and congratulated me for winning the prize…I said, “thanks, what did I win” and she notified me that I had won the opportunity to host a backyard gathering! This friend, along with another friend, decided that we needed a get together and that it should be at my house because I have a “great party pad”. Seeing as I am always up for hanging out with friends, I agreed. So a sign-up sheet went up on the fridge at work listing what everyone was bringing and the planning was in process. We had everything from BBQ’d ribs and loaded potato skins to salads and cheesecake…and wine…lots of wine (although I don’t drink…there was lots for everyone else). There were friends that I work with every single day to friends I see only in passing for a brief “hello, how are things”. There was even a friend who came who I have only seen once since she retired a number of years ago.

It’s funny…whenever we get together, we always say, “no shop talk”…but inevitably, conversations always end up there. And it’s difficult right now because of the many changes happening, people want to talk about them. So we do, and then we move on to other topics…people’s kids…family…vacation plans, etc. It was just a nice relaxing way to unwind and catch up.

Whatever you and your friends do together…nurture your friendship and cherish every moment! After all, our friends help mold us into the people that we are, when we are all old and grey, these will be the moments that we look back on with a smile…or devilish grin!


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