Springtime in the garden…

What a great May 2-4 weekend this has been…we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Much of the weekend was spent shoveling loads and loads of river rock that our neighbours were so generous enough to give us (they ordered too much and just wanted it gone). We used the river rock to edge the front and back flowerbeds…we are hoping that this will help in the spring when the water runs in the trench at the front of the garden and washes all our mulch away. Either way, the flowerbeds look awesome. Shoveling all that rock sure did a number on my muscles and I’m paying for it. Had a great day yesterday hanging out at home with some friends…BBQing burgers, playing a few games of Cornhole and then ending the day with a good long soak in the hot tub. Today is just a low-key day spent at home…took out the camera with my new favourite 50mm lens and headed in to the garden to play. Back to work tomorrow, but can’t wait for more weekends like this.


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