RV Life

Have camper, will travel…


This afternoon I’m just hanging out at home listening to great ’70s music that I found on Spotify. I’ve been listening to songs like “Bobby McGee”, “Hooked on a Feeling”, “September”, “Sir Duke” and “Sweet Home Alabama” just to name a few. Songs like these put me in the mood for…what else…summer!!! I can’t wait to load up the trailer and head out on the road. We have 2 trips planned so far this summer…one to New Brunswick…and the other to Halfway Lake PP north of Sudbury. I grew up camping with my dad and sisters in our little pop-up tent trailer and they were some of the best times. We camped at many provincial parks in Muskoka…some I wouldn’t go back to, but many of them I would love to revisit now that I have a trailer of my own.

Although I’m looking forward to Halfway Lake PP and doing some hiking and canoeing, I’m really excited about travelling to New Brunswick. I have never been east of Ontario so it will be a great adventure I’m sure. It should be interesting to see how the dogs handle that road trip. We took them camping last Thanksgiving weekend just to see how they would do and as expected…they did awesome!

So, now that we have our big trips planned for this year, we can work on planning some short 4-day trips that are a little closer to home. We are so lucky living in Ontario because there are so many amazing parks throughout the province that are anywhere from an hours drive away to a full days drive from home. You are only limited by the amount of time you have to spend and your imagination.

For me…the perfect holiday includes being out in the wilderness with family/friends sitting by a lake…doing a little boating…eating good food…listening to great music…and top it all off with a rip-roaring campfire. I can’t wait. It’s going to be a great summer!!!

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