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Heal thy self…


I’m not really sure what it is, but I have not been feeling “well” for some time. You know the always tired…sore muscles…achy joints…no energy…mopey…nothing that I can put a finger on…just not right. Kinda vague, eh??? Is it the weather??? Is it from being stuck inside for the past few months??? Is it my lack of exercise??? Poor diet??? Stress??? Or is it just coming down from all the health-related issues we’ve been facing lately…both human and canine??? Who knows?!?!?! However, I’m sure the real answer is a combination of all of those elements and then some. It’s crazy how our minds and our bodies compensate for so long when exposed to stress and then slowly, gradually we start to break down. It’s like reving an engine at full speed for a long time…eventually it will run out of gas.

It is time I really start listening to my body and stop burying the symptoms that I don’t want to deal with or don’t have time for. It clearly is trying to tell me something important. So first thing, I am off to the doctor this afternoon to talk to her about a few things, hear her opinion and make sure that I’m not dealing with something serious. Always a good place to start I figure.

On to activity…I really need to start walking at the very least. I need to get my ass up off the couch and head outside and be active. It’s always so difficult when it’s so bitterly cold outside…I don’t know how people do it. But now that the weather is a little more manageable, I no longer have an excuse. It’s just so easy to be lazy…don’t you think??? I always find it funny how I can sit on the couch in front of the tv and come up with all these things that I might like to try…like running, crossift, biking, hiking, etc…but do I make a plan to do them…no…I get comfy, pick up the remote and find some new brain-draining show to watch. Enough already!!!

The other huge issue for me is…DIET!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve said I’m going to eat healthy and have gone out to buy all this “healthy” food (veggies and fruit) only to have it rot in the fridge because the first chance I get, I go back to eating my “comfort” foods. “Oh, it’s just one meal…I’ll go back to eating healthy tomorrow”…ya, right you will!!! Then I get all mad and depressed because I couldn’t even last a week (that’s being generous) before I sabotaged myself and have thrown my whole plan out the window. I can’t even begin to add up the countless dollars that have sat and rotted away in the fridge before I had to throw them out…hundreds of dollars, I’m sure.

So, if I say that this time will be different…will it really??? Or that now I’m going to be committed to making a change…am I really??? Both those statements aren’t unlike any that I have made in the past…what makes this time any different??? I have even scoped out online all the expensive diet “gimmicks” that they say will definitely work and are “life changing”. I’m tired of spending money on programs and memberships and remaining stagnant!


Over and over I have heard…”small changes ultimately lead you to big results”…so from here on out, for the time being, I think I’m going to focus my energy on getting outside and being more active and just controlling the portions of the foods I eat every day. Maybe trying to change everything at once is too much right now. Maybe it’s best to just start slow.

Then I think to myself…maybe it’s that “mid-life” thing creeping into my head. Seriously…I have had conversations with myself about being in my mid forties and what have I done with my life. But then I think…are you kidding???…you’re educated and have a great job that you love (seriously, who else gets to experience the miracle of birth and take care of those tiny little babies as their job every single day…pretty great)…you’re otherwise healthy…you own a beautiful home…you’ve been in a happy, healthy, committed relationship for 26 years…you have a great group of friends…etc…etc…etc. If diet and exercise are my only real concerns…maybe I’m not doing so bad. Besides, who doesn’t worry about diet and exercise…it seems as though everybody has something that they want to change. All the more reason for me to get out and be active…I’ve been sitting at home way too long with nothing to do but think!!!


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