Everyday Life

Two dogs, two surgeries & one rapidly dwindling bank account…


Feels like deja vu! There was definitely a feeling of “been here, done that” in my house this morning.

This past Friday, Sophie had an ultrasound of her abdomen to determine 1) was the tumor the vet felt the only tumor 2) was the tumor malignant and had it metastasized to other parts of her body and 3) what was the tumor attached to. Best case scenario…there was only one tumor and it was attached to one of the kidneys or spleen so that the tumor and the organ could just be removed. Worst case scenario…the tumor was attached to the bladder which would make the decision an “easy” one because there would be nothing that could be done.

Good news! There was only one tumor which had not metastasized (the vet isn’t even convinced it’s malignant) and it is attached to the end of her spleen. Her heart and lungs are clear and her blood work and everything else looks good. So, surgery today to remove the tumor and the spleen. As hard as it was to drop her off this morning and have her look up at me with those sad eyes…I know that this is the best thing for her.

Surgery on a young dog is risky enough, but surgery on a 12 year old dog brings a whole new level of risk and potential complications. Sophie is very strong and otherwise very healthy and we, and the vet, are extremely confident that she will sail through this surgery with flying colours.

Once again, it feels lonely in the house without her here. Seamus was not happy that I came home without her this morning. I had to coax him upstairs from the garage door where he was looking for her. Now he lays staring out the front door watching the day go by. He will be happy to have her home again later today.

I am just praying that this is it for vet visits and that both Sophie & Seamus will be healthy again and give us a few more happy years together. I know I complain a lot about how much this is all costing…but, I would do it all again if it would make them happy and healthy. They really are one of the best parts of my life!



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