Everyday Life

Round 2, here we go again…


The trials of living with elderly pets…

We just got our boy,  Seamus,  healed and feeling better following surgery for the removal of a cancerous tumor and 3 dental extractions… now,  it’s Miss Sophie’s turn.

Life was just moving along when this past Wednesday night, we were sitting watching some tv. The dogs were let out for the last time that evening… Seamus goes barreling out the door,  as usual… Sophie,  on the other hand,  took the 2 steps up onto the deck and then collapsed. I go flying up the stairs from the family room to find her laying on her side and not being able to get up. I stood by her talking to her and letting her recover a little before lifting her to her feet.  She came back in,  made it down the stairs by herself and curled up at our feet.  She was very quiet and definitely not herself. And wouldn’t you know… our vet was on vacation at the time.  So,  was it a seizure? Maybe a small stroke? Who knows???

We went to bed that night not knowing what to expect… a little nervous… and a little scared of what we might find in the morning…she is 12 years old after all. But much to our surprise… she was fine… completely back to her old self! Thank God!

Needless to say,  off to the vet again today. Not such good news this time. The episode where she collapsed on the deck he thought could either be a seizure or she may have just fainted. I’ve never heard of a dog fainting before. The bigger issue right now; however, is a large baseball sized mass in her abdomen. He said that it was so large that he couldn’t palpate either the bladder or the kidneys. So, blood work was done to check for malignancy and we will know more tomorrow. She also had a hard mass on her front leg and a sample of tissue was taken from that as well. The vet is confident that the one on her leg is nothing to worry about…just a fatty tumor. Relating back to the seizure/fainting episode, if the blood work comes back showing a malignancy, it may have metastasized to her brain which may have been the cause of the episode. If the mass is is attached to just one of her kidneys, there is an option to just remove the kidney and the tumor. If it turns out to be attached to the bladder…we have some very difficult decisions to make in the next few days. The vet does want to do a biopsy of the mass under ultrasound…so hopefully that will give us a definitive answer. So, once again, a tough few days lie ahead.

For now, she is comfortable…in no pain whatsoever…and is acting like her usual self. So we will just love her like we always do and wait for the call tomorrow.



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