New set of wheels…

IMG_2575So,  ever since we bought our new trailer last year,  “someone” has been saying we needed a new truck to haul it. We already had an SUV that did a fine job of pulling the trailer, so I thought the need for a truck was unnecessary.

Last weekend,  we were at a friend’s birthday party and one of the guests at the party was a friend who does all the maintenance on our vehicles and whom we purchase our new vehicles from. While I was mingling with fellow party-goers,  little did I know that a deal was going down on the purchase of a new truck.

On Monday,  I’m not sure how I was persuaded to “go and look at” said truck… but off we went. Low and behold,  before we left our friend’s shop, the papers were signed and we were now the owner’s of a new big-ass F-150! Wait… what the hell just happened?!??!?! What happened to “going to look”… or even taking some time to think about it???

I can only imagine our camping trips from now on… that truck will be loaded down with everything and anything… including the kitchen sink, I’m sure… because we no longer have to be cautious of the amount of weight we are pulling.

Let the adventures begin… God help us!


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