Oh my God…it’s been so long! Life was so much easier when we both worked shift work…we had way more days off together to hang out. Now it seems like I hardly see her…or her family for that matter. I understand why she took the job she has now and that it works better for her home life and the life of her kids. Still, some days I get a little selfish and wish things were the way they were before.

Yesterday, we finally had a day off together and got a chance to hang out and reconnect and catch up on each others lives. It was so nice of her husband to stay home with the kids and let us have this time. It’s funny though…when I don’t see her every day, I always think…”oh, I have to tell her this”, or “wait til she hears about that”. But when we finally do see each other and one of us asks, “so, what’s new?”…the other always answers, “not much, how about you?” Whether we have lots to say or not, it doesn’t matter…just being together is familiar and comforting…and just feels like home. By the end of our time together, nothing is ever left unsaid…it’s funny how that works. Did you ever have a friend where you knew exactly what the other was thinking without a word ever being spoken? Or a friend where you could, and often do, finish each other’s sentences? Well…that’s us! We are pretty much one in the same…we like the same things…and dislike the same things for that matter…we have the same taste in clothes, decorating, music…a lot of the ways we grew up and how our families interact are the same…we just get each other. It’s so refreshing to not have to go into great detail when explaining something because she just knows…she gets it!

Who knows when we will get another chance to spend the afternoon together, but yesterday has replenished my soul for the time being. Having dinner with her husband and kids was equally as great. Those kids just make me smile and warm my heart…I love them to pieces. Underneath all the chaos and commotion…she really does have the fairy tale.

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