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Job security, are you out there?…

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Once again, it has been confirmed that more jobs will be cut at my place of employment. The news was barely released to us, the employees, before it was swarming out in the community by way of tv, newspapers and just basic word of mouth. Almost everywhere you go people are talking about it. As soon as the bulletin came out, co-workers were going up to each other saying, “Oh my God…did you see this?” or “Can you believe they are cutting more front line staff…why don’t they cut middle management?” People are furious…and scared. The workloads and expectations are getting worse by the day and people are getting exhausted. Am I worried about my job people ask? The easy answer is…directly, “no”…indirectly, “a little”. I am not really worried about losing my job in the actual cuts that will happen; however, if someone was cut in another department who has more seniority than myself…they could “bump” me out of my job. The good news is…if I’m understanding it correctly…for someone to “bump” into another department, they would have to be able to do the job completely without any training/orientation. I am in such a specialized department that it would be fairly difficult for anyone to do that. That’s not to say that it couldn’t happen…but it seems like the chances are slim. The whole concept of “bumping” someone out of their job seems cruel and completely unfair, but how does the saying go…”all is fair in love and war”. It truly does seem like obtaining…and maintaining…full time employment is like war in this day and age. If it came down to it where I was going to loose my job, would I “bump” someone out of theirs? You’re darn right, I would! If it meant keeping my house and being able to pay my mortgage, etc…I would do whatever it took. But it’s such a horrible game to play.

What ever happened to the days where a person would start working for a company fresh out of school and then some 30 or 40 years later still be there and retire from that company? Gone are those days, I guess. Now it seems like it’s even difficult to have a “career” because so many people are going from “job” to “job” just to get by. How can companies expect their employees to be loyal when there is no security? One can’t be loyal if they aren’t there long enough to learn and understand what a company is all about…am I wrong?

Well, now we sit and wait to see what will happen…who will be there and who won’t. It would be nice if this were the last round of cuts…but I highly doubt it.

Stay tuned…


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