Everyday Life

New year, new beginning…


So, 2015 is coming to an end and with the coming of the new year comes a renewed sense of hope…hope that it will somehow be different than the last, hope that we will do better at whatever it is we are hoping will get better, hope that we will be happier…and we wish all of this usually without ever putting forth any sort of effort to ensure any of these “hopes” actually happen. Change takes work to be successful.

In this new year, I will continue on my journey to living a healthier lifestyle by making wiser food choices, exercising regularly and focusing on what truly makes me happy. Gone are the days of living my life for other people and doing what others think I should do..you really can’t please everyone, so I figure the best I can do is make sure that I am whole and happy.

Tonight, as the clock strikes midnight, I wish you all a new year filled with good health, love to fill your heart and a soul overflowing with peace and happiness.

Now..go out and do something that feels good for your soul and makes you happy!


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