Everyday Life

Never a dull moment…


Picture this…this past Monday evening, I’m relaxing before heading in for a 12-hour night shift when I look down at the floor and see fresh blood all over the floor. The dogs had just been outside. Miss Sophie has a fairly large sebaceous cyst in the area of her right shoulder, so right away I run and check her thinking that she broke it open rolling in the snow outside. Nope…she was fine. On to Sir Seamus who was up by the back door. I see a little blood on his belly fur and begin to check him over. I couldn’t find anything…and then I check his front right paw…BINGO! It had looked like he had cut one of his pads on the ice in the backyard…and it was bleeding like a stuck pig. As I’m sitting there holding pressure on his paw, I think to myself…this doesn’t look like his other paws. There was an “extra” little pad. Then I thought, maybe he sliced his pad in 2 pieces…but there was no blood coming from the big pad. Now I’m completely baffled. We called the vet to say that he cut his paw and that we had it bandaged but thought he should still be checked over. They agreed that he should be fine for the night. So off I go to work.

The next morning, I come home from work and head to bed. Seamus and Lucy head off to the vet. When I wake up and head downstairs, I am greeted with, “so, do you want the good news or the bad news”? I already knew in my head that we were not going to get away with a simple cut paw pad…trust me, it’s just the way we roll. So, what the day before was just a cut paw has now turned into a cancerous tumor that had the vet checking him over to see if it had metastasized to other parts of his body. Thank goodness it looks like it is just localized to the tumor on his paw. But needless to say, I had to drop him off at the vet’s bright and early this morning for surgery. The vet also thought, while he was already being anesthetized to remove the tumor, we might as well do his teeth at the same time to save some cost of another surgery later on.  You know all I can hear in my head is…”cha-ching…cha-ching…cha-ching”, right?!?! But, in reality, what else are we going to do??? He is definitely turning into the million dollar dog that’s for sure!!!

After the surgery was over and he had come out of the anesthetic, the vet’s office called. She said that he was on some pretty strong pain meds but he was standing on his own. They are pretty confident that they removed the whole tumor and offered for us to have it sent out for pathology to determine what kind of cancer it was…for a nominal fee, of course. Seamus will be 11 years old next month…I don’t need to know what kind of cancer it is…just that they removed it. He also had his teeth cleaned and 3 of his teeth removed. Now I’m thinking…he’s not going to be too happy with us when he gets home tonight…he was already upset because he didn’t get his breakfast this morning and that I left him at the vet’s office.

At least the timing of all this was actually good…I just started my 5 days off yesterday…so I will be able to be home to help take care of him. Usually these things happen when we have a million other things going on and we have to rearrange our life to accommodate the crisis that is happening at the time.

Now I sit and wait for my boy to come home…it will be good to have him once again laying at my feet. I curse every night that I have to maneuver to get around him because he is laying on his back on the floor right below where I’m sitting…but when he isn’t there, life just isn’t the same.

So, now that this crisis is averted…on to the next!

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